Landscapes Unlimited History

Landscapes Unlimited History

Throughout our company’s history, we have had the good fortune of working on many memorable projects. Over this same timeframe, the sports world has continued to provide us with countless unforgettable moments. We thought it would be fun to share some of both with you:

  • 1976

    Landscapes Unlimited was founded by Bill Kubly. The company’s very first project was and irrigation renovation for Southridge GC, South Sioux City, NE - a $23,000 contract value.

    Landscapes’ first office was an old Keebler cookie truck.

  • 1977

    The Lakeview Golf Course in Mitchell, S.D., a nine-hole addition built for the city of Mitchell’s Park and Recreation Dept., was started and completed. Total contract amount was about $150,000.

    Elvis Presley died during the project.

  • 1980

    $1 million in sales.

    Caddyshack opened in 1980 and would go onto become arguably the most quoted film ever, adored by golfers and non-golfers alike.