Golf Maintenance

Golf Maintenance

Course Maintenance Solutions For The Golf Industry

Landscapes Golf Maintenance, a division of Landscapes Unlimited, is a leader in golf course maintenance services in the United States and abroad. Born from 40 years of golf course construction, renovation and irrigation experience, and refined by more than 25 years of total facility maintenance under the Landscapes Management Company umbrella. Today, Landscapes Golf Maintenance division is a turn-key provider of golf course maintenance services including but not limited to; agronomic expertise staffing, training & safety, equipment sourcing, fertilizer and pest control products and industry leading turf maintenance standards. Our team of professionals are standing by to deliver outstanding turf conditioning to your facility for a fixed pre-determined price that fits your budget, while eliminating risk and fostering the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets are our priority.

In addition to maintaining superior agronomic conditions at your course, a partnership with Landscapes Unlimited comes with unparalleled value-add and cost savings benefits in the following capital replacement and improvement categories: Planning, Execution, Support.


As an owner and operator of golf courses both domestic and international for over 20 years, Landscapes is the only partner with the perspective and experience to work with clients in identifying, prioritizing and planning for short-term and long-term capital replacement needs. We understand that there are only a finite number of dollars in any budget and the ability to get the most out of each dollar spent is critical. As part of the Golf Course Maintenance Services engagement, Landscapes Unlimited would extend preferred pricing on our proprietary Tee2Green golf course infrastructure analysis. Tee2Green was developed as a result of requests from club operators and owners looking to supplement their overall facility master plan with a better understanding of the lifecycle costs associated with the largest item on their balance sheet, the golf course. Once completed, the analysis can serve as a foundation for more strategic capital planning discussions at the owner level. Landscapes Unlimited and Landscapes Management Company staff would be available to participate in planning discussions and expand upon the analysis at the client’s discretion.


Landscapes Unlimited’s unparalleled golf course construction and renovation experience also allows our customers to choose from a number of different delivery methods based on budget and project requirements. In addition, Landscapes Unlimited self-performs over 90% of all work. This ensures the most qualified and efficient crews on your projects without the layers of subcontractor mark-up. For certain scopes of work, additional savings can be achieved by incorporating on-site maintenance staff into targeted construction project roles. In these instances, the client would not be billed for the maintenance staff’s time within the construction budget so long as the use of such staff did not negatively impact the ability to maintain the course to the agronomic specifications.


Whether preparing for a high-profile tournament or recovering quickly from a damaging storm, Landscapes Unlimited has proven on multiple occasions to be a partner you can count on to provide the level of support necessary to help their customers overcome challenges, both foreseen and unforeseen. Landscapes Unlimited crews have significant experience working hand-in-hand with the maintenance staff at many clubs in order to prepare for and restore facilities before and after tournaments, as well as respond to both weather-related and general infrastructure emergencies that require specific technical capabilities. With Landscapes as a partner, our customers have the confidence that they are backed by reliable resources and fast response times in the event of a disaster, thereby returning to peak revenue as quickly as possible.

AIM Plan

The AIM (Asset & Infrastucture Management) Plan analysis was developed as a result of requests from club operators and owners looking to supplement their overall facility master plan with a better understanding of the lifecycle cost associated wiht one of the largest items on their balance sheet, the golf course!

For more information about Landscapes Golf Maintenance or the AIM Plan, please contact Larry Hanks - Sr. Vice President at (402) 423-6653 or