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  • System Installation

    Today’s golf course owner faces a multitude of challenges and questions when it comes to water. From the increasing societal pressure to be good custodians of our planet’s resources to the rising cost of water and the wide variety of new irrigation technologies available, what’s suitable for your facility can be a tricky question.

    Since day one, LU has been helping owners assess what they have and pull together the team to get the most out of their existing system. When the time comes, we will install new systems that position the course in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner for years to come. The expertise developed over decades of successful irrigation system repair and replacement allows LU to offer valuable insight into the design, installation, management, and maintenance of all irrigation systems.

  • Better-Performing Systems

    The LU Irrigation teams and support staff are experienced with all the latest products and technology…as well as the stuff that’s been in the ground for a while.  LU invests heavily in continued education and training for all of our personnel, and our teams are constantly looking for the tools that help superintendents be more efficient in delivering water to their course.  LU can assist with improving delivery via precision sprinklers and nozzles.  We are experts in the installation of long-lasting and durable HDPE piping systems.

    We have decades of experience installing and optimizing satellite, decoder, and wireless control systems.  We prefer to utilize variable frequency drive pump stations to charge the system.  Lastly, we believe that soil sensor monitoring and weather stations are a vital part of the irrigation system that is too-often overlooked.


  • Vail Golf Club Nestled in the breathtaking town of Vail, Colorado, the Vail Golf Club attracts golf enthusiastsRead More
    Nestled in the breathtaking town of Vail, Colorado, the Vail Golf Club attracts golf enthusiasts from far and wide. To maintain its reputation for lush greenery and exceptional playability, the club management partnered with Landscapes Unlimited to complete an irrigation system replacement. The project aimed to upgrade the existing irrigation system, incorporating modern technology to enhance efficiency, water conservation, and overall sustainability. Landscapes Unlimited's experienced professionals took on the challenge with meticulous planning and expert execution. They began by installing a state-of-the-art Rain Bird decoder system known for its precision and reliability. This innovative system allowed individual control of each sprinkler, enabling precise water distribution throughout the golf course. With careful consideration of the unique topography and playability requirements, Landscapes Unlimited strategically placed 1,900 sprinklers to ensure uniform coverage, minimal water wastage, and maximum efficiency. Supporting the new irrigation system, Landscapes Unlimited installed 20,300 linear feet of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) mainline pipe and 98,000 linear feet of HDPE lateral pipe. The choice of HDPE ensured durability, resistance to corrosion, and flexibility to accommodate the golf course's layout. To optimize water pressure and flow rates, Landscapes Unlimited integrated a cutting-edge Flowtronex pump station. Carefully designing the pump station layout ensured improved water distribution and minimized energy consumption, contributing to overall sustainability. The upgraded irrigation system significantly contributed to maintaining the Vail Golf Club's pristine playing surfaces. The uniform coverage provided by the new sprinklers resulted in consistent turf quality and improved aesthetics throughout the course. Golfers experienced smoother, more enjoyable rounds on the revitalized greens, fairways, and roughs. Water conservation and sustainability were at the forefront of Landscapes Unlimited's efforts. Integrating modern technology and best practices helped Vail Golf Club take significant strides toward responsible water management.
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  • Tacoma Golf & Country Club Landscapes Unlimited completed an irrigation renovation project at Tacoma Country and Golf Club in 2021—theRead More
    Landscapes Unlimited completed an irrigation renovation project at Tacoma Country and Golf Club in 2021—the project aimed to enhance the golf course's irrigation system for optimal water distribution and efficiency. Tacoma Golf & Country Club is a historic club regarded as one of the premier facilities in the Pacific Northwest.  Since 1894, TGCC has provided members and guests exceptional course conditions and overall experiences. As part of the renovation, Landscapes Unlimited installed a Rain Bird IC decoder system, offering precise control and monitoring capabilities. The upgrade ensures maximum efficiency and water conservation, maintaining the course's pristine condition. The project involved the installation of 2,150 Rain Bird sprinklers strategically placed throughout the course. Additionally, Landscapes Unlimited laid down 27,000 linear feet of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) mainline pipe and 102,000 linear feet of HDPE lateral pipe for reliable water supply and precise irrigation coverage. Landscapes Unlimited's skilled team meticulously planned and executed the irrigation renovation, showcasing their golf course construction and irrigation systems expertise. Integrating the Rain Bird IC decoder system optimizes water usage and promotes healthy turf growth while minimizing environmental impact.
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  • Hillcrest Country Club Landscapes Unlimited recently completed a successful irrigation system renovation project at the prestigious Hillcrest CountryRead More
    Landscapes Unlimited recently completed a successful irrigation system renovation project at the prestigious Hillcrest Country Club in Los Angeles. The project involved installing a Rain Bird Cirrus IC decoder system, 3,081 heads, 40,000 linear feet (lf) of HDPE mainline pipe, and 180,000 lf of HDPE lateral pipe. Hillcrest Country Club sought to upgrade its irrigation system to enhance the playing conditions and sustainability of its historic 18-hole championship golf course. Landscapes Unlimited collaborated closely with Hillcrest to deliver exceptional irrigation solutions. The Rain Bird Cirrus IC decoder system, integrated into the renovation, provided precise control and efficient management of the irrigation system. This advanced technology ensured optimal water distribution throughout the golf course, promoting healthy turf growth and minimizing water waste. Landscapes Unlimited installed a comprehensive piping infrastructure, including 40,000 lf of HDPE mainline pipe and 180,000 lf of HDPE lateral pipe. These high-quality pipes offered durability, resistance to corrosion, and longevity, ensuring a robust and reliable irrigation system with minimal maintenance requirements. The upgraded irrigation system, with 3,081 strategically placed sprinklers, achieved precise water distribution, customized programming, and scheduling capabilities. This allowed for optimal moisture levels for different golf course areas, improving overall playing conditions. The project resulted in significant water conservation and cost savings. The Rain Bird Cirrus IC decoder system's efficient water management features, combined with the durability of HDPE piping, minimized water loss due to leaks, and improved overall water-use efficiency. Landscapes Unlimited's successful completion of the Hillcrest Country Club irrigation system renovation demonstrates their expertise in delivering cutting-edge irrigation solutions. By integrating advanced technology and utilizing durable materials, they ensured optimal water management, improved playing conditions, and long-term sustainability for Hillcrest Country Club.
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  • Sutton Bay Golf Club Landscapes Unlimited showcased its expertise in developing and constructing Sutton Bay Golf Club, a premierRead More
    Landscapes Unlimited showcased its expertise in developing and constructing Sutton Bay Golf Club, a premier private golf club in central South Dakota. The project included creating an 18-hole championship golf course, a driving range, 60 lodging units, a clubhouse, cart storage facility, irrigation system, cart paths, pump station, maintenance buildings, infrastructure, and the meticulous grow-in process. The development and construction of Sutton Bay Golf Club presented several notable highlights. The high-end golf course was crafted among rolling hills, rugged dunes, and picturesque views of Lake Oahe. With an inland links design spanning approximately 7,245 yards, the par 72 course offered a challenging yet captivating experience for members and guests. Landscapes Unlimited's attention to detail and strategic approach ensured the seamless integration of the course within the expansive property. Landscapes Unlimited built a second maintenance building closer to the course to enhance the facility's functionality, serving dual purposes as a maintenance facility and pump house. This strategic decision optimized maintenance operations and streamlined resource management. A remarkable aspect of Landscapes Unlimited's construction approach was the thoughtful preservation and integration of the natural landscape. Native grass from areas designated for fairway clearance was carefully repurposed to surround the bunkers, seamlessly blending them with the surrounding environment. This attention to detail created a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic throughout the course. Beyond the construction phase, Landscapes Golf Management was crucial to the club's operational success. They developed a comprehensive operations plan for Sutton Bay Golf Club, including the hiring and development of the club's management team. Their expertise in membership documents and operational guidelines ensured the smooth functioning of the club. Additionally, Landscapes spearheaded the development and implementation of sales programs, attracting new members to the club and contributing to its ongoing success. The Sutton Bay project is a testament to Landscapes Unlimited's prowess in golf course construction. Through exceptional attention to design, integration of natural landscapes, and comprehensive operational planning, Landscapes Unlimited has established a premier destination that embodies the perfect harmony between sport, nature, and impeccable hospitality.
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