Vail Golf Club

Nestled in the breathtaking town of Vail, Colorado, the Vail Golf Club attracts golf enthusiasts from far and wide. To maintain its reputation for lush greenery and exceptional playability, the club management partnered with Landscapes Unlimited to complete an irrigation system replacement.

The project aimed to upgrade the existing irrigation system, incorporating modern technology to enhance efficiency, water conservation, and overall sustainability. Landscapes Unlimited’s experienced professionals took on the challenge with meticulous planning and expert execution.

They began by installing a state-of-the-art Rain Bird decoder system known for its precision and reliability. This innovative system allowed individual control of each sprinkler, enabling precise water distribution throughout the golf course. With careful consideration of the unique topography and playability requirements, Landscapes Unlimited strategically placed 1,900 sprinklers to ensure uniform coverage, minimal water wastage, and maximum efficiency.

Supporting the new irrigation system, Landscapes Unlimited installed 20,300 linear feet of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) mainline pipe and 98,000 linear feet of HDPE lateral pipe. The choice of HDPE ensured durability, resistance to corrosion, and flexibility to accommodate the golf course’s layout.

To optimize water pressure and flow rates, Landscapes Unlimited integrated a cutting-edge Flowtronex pump station. Carefully designing the pump station layout ensured improved water distribution and minimized energy consumption, contributing to overall sustainability.

The upgraded irrigation system significantly contributed to maintaining the Vail Golf Club’s pristine playing surfaces. The uniform coverage provided by the new sprinklers resulted in consistent turf quality and improved aesthetics throughout the course. Golfers experienced smoother, more enjoyable rounds on the revitalized greens, fairways, and roughs.

Water conservation and sustainability were at the forefront of Landscapes Unlimited’s efforts. Integrating modern technology and best practices helped Vail Golf Club take significant strides toward responsible water management.