Tacoma Golf & Country Club

Landscapes Unlimited completed an irrigation renovation project at Tacoma Country and Golf Club in 2021—the project aimed to enhance the golf course’s irrigation system for optimal water distribution and efficiency.

Tacoma Golf & Country Club is a historic club regarded as one of the premier facilities in the Pacific Northwest.  Since 1894, TGCC has provided members and guests exceptional course conditions and overall experiences.

As part of the renovation, Landscapes Unlimited installed a Rain Bird IC decoder system, offering precise control and monitoring capabilities. The upgrade ensures maximum efficiency and water conservation, maintaining the course’s pristine condition.

The project involved the installation of 2,150 Rain Bird sprinklers strategically placed throughout the course. Additionally, Landscapes Unlimited laid down 27,000 linear feet of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) mainline pipe and 102,000 linear feet of HDPE lateral pipe for reliable water supply and precise irrigation coverage.

Landscapes Unlimited’s skilled team meticulously planned and executed the irrigation renovation, showcasing their golf course construction and irrigation systems expertise. Integrating the Rain Bird IC decoder system optimizes water usage and promotes healthy turf growth while minimizing environmental impact.