Trinity Forest Golf Club

Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas, Texas, is a remarkable high-end private championship golf course built on a recently remediated landfill. This extraordinary facility, spanning 500 acres, features an 18-hole course, a large practice area, and various amenities for members and guests.

The construction project involved a comprehensive range of tasks, including landfill remediation coordination, layout, GPS mapping for landfill cap control, erosion control, earthwork oversight, storm drainage installation, and landfill waste excavation. Additionally, irrigation installation, features construction, aggregate cart path installation, and the construction of bridges and entrances were completed.

The project also encompassed the design and engineering of the irrigation system, irrigation lake, pump station building, water wells, wet and dry utilities, maintenance facility building, and cart path bridges. Notably, a Toro Lynx VP satellite system with 1,608 sprinklers, HDPE mainline and lateral pipes, and a Flowtronex pump station were installed as part of the irrigation system.

The construction team’s meticulous attention to detail and expertise resulted in the successful transformation of the landfill into an exceptional golf course, with undulating fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and impressive greens. The infrastructure and facilities, including wet and dry utilities, maintenance facilities, and bridges, were developed to ensure a comprehensive and functional golfing experience.

The environmentally conscious approach was emphasized through sustainable practices, such as erosion control and stormwater management. Trinity Forest Golf Club has garnered praise for its unique design and commitment to sustainability.

Trinity Forest hosted the AT&T Byron Nelson Championship, a prestigious PGA Tour event. The facility received accolades and is regarded as one of the best layouts in Texas. Additionally, Trinity Forest received the prestigious Green Star Award from Golf Digest in 2018. Trinity Forest Golf Club is a testament to the successful fusion of environmental restoration, innovative design, and construction excellence, providing a premier golfing experience.