Hillcrest Country Club

Landscapes Unlimited recently completed a successful irrigation system renovation project at the prestigious Hillcrest Country Club in Los Angeles. The project involved installing a Rain Bird Cirrus IC decoder system, 3,081 heads, 40,000 linear feet (lf) of HDPE mainline pipe, and 180,000 lf of HDPE lateral pipe.

Hillcrest Country Club sought to upgrade its irrigation system to enhance the playing conditions and sustainability of its historic 18-hole championship golf course. Landscapes Unlimited collaborated closely with Hillcrest to deliver exceptional irrigation solutions.

The Rain Bird Cirrus IC decoder system, integrated into the renovation, provided precise control and efficient management of the irrigation system. This advanced technology ensured optimal water distribution throughout the golf course, promoting healthy turf growth and minimizing water waste.

Landscapes Unlimited installed a comprehensive piping infrastructure, including 40,000 lf of HDPE mainline pipe and 180,000 lf of HDPE lateral pipe. These high-quality pipes offered durability, resistance to corrosion, and longevity, ensuring a robust and reliable irrigation system with minimal maintenance requirements.

The upgraded irrigation system, with 3,081 strategically placed sprinklers, achieved precise water distribution, customized programming, and scheduling capabilities. This allowed for optimal moisture levels for different golf course areas, improving overall playing conditions.

The project resulted in significant water conservation and cost savings. The Rain Bird Cirrus IC decoder system’s efficient water management features, combined with the durability of HDPE piping, minimized water loss due to leaks, and improved overall water-use efficiency.

Landscapes Unlimited’s successful completion of the Hillcrest Country Club irrigation system renovation demonstrates their expertise in delivering cutting-edge irrigation solutions. By integrating advanced technology and utilizing durable materials, they ensured optimal water management, improved playing conditions, and long-term sustainability for Hillcrest Country Club.